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Now that the Memorial Day weekend has passed and we do not have many matches left is the CICS Spring season, it is time to now focus on the CICS Summer Season! Unfortunately I do not know much about the season. It will be the same as last summer I believe: 7 v 7, 5 males and 2 females, played on a U-12 field with 25 minute halves and substitutions on the fly. I do not know how many divisions there will be (last summer there were 2 divisions) nor do I have any idea on the cost except that if you are registering for the first time in 2017 you will also have to register with the Iowa Soccer Association and their annual registration fee is $25.00. There has been a rule change just for the summer season : in the 1st Division only the minimum age limit for male players is 18 years old when the season begins. All other rules remain the same. My belief is that each team should have 12 players at a minimum with 4 female and 8 male players. Each team should have a keeper and someone who can play backup keeper. So I need to hear from everyone who is interested in playing this summer. We have some new players on the list, so I would like to have the following info: Full name, date of birth, cell #, division you would like to play in and what position you would like to play. I also will need a volunteer from each team to be a team captain. Duties of team captains are to handle all aspects of the team at the field, making sure that all rules of the CICS are followed, communication with other captains in case a match needs to be rescheduled and other duties as determined to be necessary. Please send your info to dmceltics@gmail.com if you are interested. Rate your interest level as 1, 2 or 3. 1 means that yes I am definitely am playing, 2 means I want to play but have some reservations, 3 means I want to play but I am not very confident that I will be able to play. Please feel free to recruit other players by forwarding this email to those you know. Emphasis on female players as they are the most difficult to recruit. Please let me know if you have any questions. 


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